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Reading Video from SAS 2021

It was an absolute honor and pleasure to virtually be a part of this year’s Saints and Sinners Featured Readers Series. The story I chose is “Gingerbread Boy” from my collection, “New Views of Old News.” Please note that the version in the version I read in the video link […]

New Views of Old News

New Views of Old News, my latest collection of short stories, is now available through Amazon or personal request. In this timely collection of stories, Jarrod Campbell further explores the absurdity and alienation of modern living and the extreme ways people try to deal with the repercussions. Here, a young woman […]


*Author’s note: A sun shower is a meteorological occurrence of rain when the sun is shining.  According to Southern folklore, this happens when the devil beats his wife because God made another beautiful day and she dared to enjoy or comment on its magnificence.  The rain drops are her tears. […]